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Chinice -Cold Tea Packaging

Here you can enjoy the packaging design for Chinice cold tea. The name is the combination of "Chinese" and "nice" words. Hence the name Chinice is formed. It has a modern and simple design with a fresh presentation of Chinese culture. In general, we had an alternative approach for this packaging. We came up with an idea to choose metal can as a container. It is especially more suitable for cold drinks and gives the sense of freshness. It is also simple to use and looks very appealing.

We have created several characters for this packaging. In particular: Chinese farmer, Chinese dragon, Chinese emperor, and a Chinese ordinary guy. All characters depict the Chinese culture. They show that this drink is for everyone. Rich colors create energetic mood and liveliness. They are an inseparable part of Chinese culture. Besides, they can easily change the mood of the people who drink the tea. The dominant color is red that is associated with happiness and good appetite. So, you can enjoy the contemporary presentation of colorful and rich Chinese culture in your daily life. It will make you happy and satisfied.

As a result of our design team’s work, we have a completely new and contemporary packaging design. Word famous design platforms have featured our design work: You can find them by following the links below:


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