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Paku – packaging of red caviar.

This is a packaging design for red caviar. It is another successful and well-known project that we have carried out. Traditionally caviar is packed in glass containers. However, our designer decided to choose an alternative path with this particular packaging. As a result of brainstorming, we changed the traditional glass for tin can. It is convenient to use and gives our packaging design a fresh and modern look.

The color choice is simple yet very appealing. Blue and pink are dominant colors in this design. In fact, they embody the product's nature. Pink background illustrated salmon and trout. In addition, deep aqua shade illustrates the rich sea color. Therefore, we can simply say that this design perfectly embodies the unique features of this seafood.

As a result of our hard work word famous design platforms have featured Paku as a unique design work. You can find them by following the links below:


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