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Photen glass-Rebranding

Photen glass

Photen glass is a company operating in Russia and producing different types of glass that are used in many industries. For example, construction, interior and exterior design, with security purposes, infrared heating and many other daily life situations. As a result of rebranding it became the most recognizable and eye-catchy brand in the industry.

Brand Vision

Firstly, the objective of our design team was to craft a brand that looks simple and yet interesting, solid and yet bright. Secondly the new brand had to talk about glass in general and its features. However, the most important goal was to make an outstanding brand. Prior to rebranding we have done a thorough research of brands in the industry. Consequently, our team created a new brand that colorfully illustrates the company's activity. In addition, it is a brand of high standards and looks extremely stylish. In general we can state that it stands out not only in Russian market but also in the international.

Brand elements

As a result our branding looks solid and pleasant to the eye. In fact, its gradient colors illustrate the ability of the glass to pass the light and colors through itself. However, the main colors of the branding are black and white. In general, the full branding is done in a minimalistic style. As a result of our design team's work, we have a completely new and contemporary brand. Consequently, it has a sound presence in the market and is highly competitive. Overall the project has been successfully carried out. In addition, we have considered all business imperatives. So we have all the right to feel proud of our design work.

Finally, our goals are achieved and everything in the branding looks complete. Thus, one cannot get enough of this brand!

You can also enjoy the Photenglass’s new website we have created in frames of rebranding process. Here you can find the story of the website creation by following the links below:
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