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Zhongguo- tea packaging

Zhongguo is Chinese tea packed in modern style. Therefore, our designers decided to name the product after what Chinese people call themselves – Zhongguo. It is a simple and yet sound name. For the packaging we have chosen a metal container. It looks expensive and simple. In addition, the dominant color is black. It manifests the premium class of the tea.

In addition, bright orange text presents the type of the tea. In fact, it looks quite impressive on the black background. The text is in English, however, the symbols look like Chinese writings. As a result, the design conveys the nature of the Chinese culture.

As a result of our design team’s work, we have a completely new and contemporary packaging design. To prove it, a word famous design platform World Brand Design Society has featured our design work. You can find it by following the link below:


World Brand Design Society